Avenues Studio Hamptons

Adapted to a Changing World

Now more than ever, schools need to be responsive to the diverse needs of families and the shifting conditions of our world. Avenues embraces this challenge by offering families an innovative school experience that nimbly adapts to the present as it prepares students to thrive in the future.

Studio campuses provide a uniquely adaptive, learner-centered school experience by combining our transformative, web-based academic program with exceptional one-on-one mentoring, personalized learning experiences, local community engagement, and individually customized flex schedules.

We are now accepting applications for our inaugural classes in grades 1–10 for 2020–21.

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Transfer from Avenues New York (Grades 1–12)


Flex Experience

Mobile Academics

Classes from Anywhere

Academic courses are conducted through our proprietary online learning platform and taught by our global Avenues faculty. Our unique, interactive platform enables students to connect with peers from other countries and cultures, learn from our exceptional teaching faculty, and attend classes flexibly from anywhere in the world.

Creating a New Kind of Campus

Studio Environment

Hub for Learning and Connection

The studio serves as the dynamic hub for our tight-knit community of mixed-age learners to connect with each other and our team of onsite mentors. Our open-space studio provides an ideal environment for individual meetings with mentors, collaborative project work, independent study, and community events.

a view of a project space

Custom-Fit Schedules

Learner-Centered Design

Rather than following a prescribed, standard-issue schedule, our students partner with their mentors to develop individualized daily and weekly schedules for their on- and off-site learning. Through the process of co-designing and constantly refining their flexible schedules, students learn to manage their time comfortably and effectively to fulfill their responsibilities, achieve their goals, and pursue their passions.

a student marks her calendar

Rigorous Academics

Great Works

Intensive Reading + Extensive Making

Originally developed for Avenues Online, our virtual campus, Great Works blends a great books curriculum (in the spirit of core curricula at Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and St. John’s College) with a project-based pedagogy (inspired by programs at Stanford’s d.school and MIT) to create an engaging and rigorous interdisciplinary course of study. The program’s title refers not only to the texts that students read but also to the great works that they produce.

Great Works: A Conversation

Math Inquiry

Discussion- and Problem-Based Math

Our math inquiry program emphasizes collaboration and communication, encouraging students to take active ownership of their learning. Over time, students come to appreciate both the practical application of mathematical thinking and the beauty of mathematics as a source of reasoning.

Math Unbounded

Global Passport

Competency in Global Languages

The Global Passport curriculum focuses on task-based language learning and enables students to choose from over 50 languages of study—from Mandarin to Malay, from Spanish to Swahili, from Portuguese to Punjabi. Classes are conducted online in small groups or in private one-on-one sessions.

Student-Centered Learning

1:1 Mentorship

Trusted Advisors, Expert Guidance

Each student is partnered with an exceptional mentor from our studio campus team who serves as a trusted advisor and expert learning coach. Mentors cultivate genuine, personal relationships to ensure each student is deeply known, well cared for, and expertly guided through their academic, social, and emotional journey through school.

a student and mentor work together to solder a circuit

Learning to Learn

Metacognition + Learner Agency

Students receive daily instruction and coaching to develop their understanding of the learning process and the strategies that work best for them individually. Our dedicated studio team focuses on metacognitive knowledge and skill development to enable students to plan, monitor, evaluate, and adjust their learning effectively and independently.

a student works on a hands-on project


Passion + Purpose

Through Experience Lab (“X.Lab”), students dedicate a full day of their week (20% of their time) to personalized learning experiences co-designed with their onsite studio mentor and coaches. X.Lab can take many forms and is customized for each student to ensure deep learning, purpose, and personal relevance.

a student adjusts the plantings on a living wall project

Connected Community

Parent Partnerships

Whole-Family Learning and Support

Small by design, the studio serves as a supportive hub of learning and connection for parents, too. We work closely with families to personalize their experience and engage them in campus life. Parents are welcome to participate in a wide variety of campus activities, including student projects and exhibitions, celebrations of milestones, and an ongoing series of parent education workshops and seminars.

parents, students, and faculty


Service + Design Thinking

Co.Lab is an experiential service program that empowers students to connect, collaborate, and contribute to their school and greater Hamptons community. Using a design thinking framework, students work in mixed-age project teams to understand problems, design solutions, and build meaningful relationships that create lasting impact.

Social Innovation Workshop (video)

Global Avenues Ecosystem

One School, Many Campuses

A student admitted to one campus is admitted to all our campuses: New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen, and Online. That means families can provide their children with an Avenues education from anywhere in the world. In addition, students at all our campuses benefit from frequent digital collaboration with their peers in other countries, as well as opportunities to join Global Journeys programs and campus exchanges.

Graduation Event Finale (video)

Studio Faculty

Maggie Wollner

Head of Studio
Studio Mentor, Grades 9-12

Maggie Wollner, Head of Studio

Maggie Wollner joined Avenues in 2012, the school’s first year of operation, as a science teacher and head of grade 8 on our New York campus. Since then Maggie has brought her expertise in social-emotional learning and interdisciplinary studies to a variety of roles within the organization including Associate Head of the Upper Division on our New York Campus and Director of Curriculum Design for our global R&D team. While Maggie has worn many different hats, her favorite remains mentoring students to help them reach their goals, pursue their passions, and become informed and empathic agents of change in the world around them. Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts in History and Science from Harvard University and later went on to receive a Master of Arts in Independent School Leadership from Columbia.

Julia Carey

Studio Mentor

Julia Carey

Julia Carey joined Avenues in 2017 as a second-grade teacher on our New York campus. For the past three years at Avenues, Julia taught second and fourth grade students, mentored intern teachers, and led a team focused on developing and implementing social-emotional learning in Lower Division classrooms. Prior to joining Avenues, Julia spent five years at Shanghai American School, growing as an educator and enjoying life as an expat in China. Julia’s educational expertise lies in establishing positive relationships with students and families and using wellbeing practices to support a holistic learning environment. Her ten years of experience in diverse educational communities, both in the US and abroad, drive her passion to help develop empathetic, world-wise citizens who will leave this planet better than they found it. Julia holds a Master of Arts in education and dual bachelor’s degrees in English and education from The College of New Jersey.

Joe D’Annibale

Studio Mentor

Joe D’Annibale

Joe D’Annibale joins the Avenues Studio Hamptons team as a Studio Mentor. He first joined Avenues at its New York campus in 2014 as a second-grade Spanish immersion teacher and has served as Associate Head of the Lower Division for the last three years. After earning a bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey, Joe went on to pursue his master’s from Cedar Crest College. He has also completed graduate coursework at Rutgers University and Teachers College, Columbia University. Joe began his career teaching middle and high school Spanish in New Jersey, and later worked with elementary school students in New Jersey and Madrid, Spain. Now entering his seventh year at Avenues, he continues to be inspired by the school’s mission and global vision. Outside the world of education, Joe is a writer, reader and avid theatre-goer.

Laura Montague

Studio Mentor

Laura Montague

Laura Montague joins our Studio campus after three years on the Avenues New York team. With nearly a decade of experience teaching elementary aged students in both domestic and international settings, Laura brings global and solution-oriented lenses to her practice as a teacher and mentor. She prioritizes positive and enthusiastic student-centered learning experiences that foster deeper understanding, and she is eager to welcome students to our campus this fall.

Jesse Spooner

Studio Mentor

Jesse Spooner

A native Long Islander and a sixth generation Hamptonite, Jesse Spooner grew up on the local bay and ocean beaches of the East End as well as his grandfather’s vegetable farm, where he experienced first hand the environmental and social importance of our soil, groundwater, estuaries and wetlands. Jesse enjoys teaching science that integrates humanitarian and philosophical studies with the sciences. Joining us from the Ross School and Bridgehampton School, Jesse looks forward to collaborating with local environmental and art groups for student learning that will ensure real world learning experiences and connections. Jesse received his Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Studies from Florida Institute of Technology and later went on to receive a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Briar Rose DeTommaso

Learning Experience Designer

Briar Rose DeTommaso

Briar Rose DeTommaso joins the Avenues Studio team as a Learning Experience Designer with a background in experiential curation, marketing and community partnerships. Briar Rose looks forward to using her experiences with Camp ANCHOR, The Future Project and America Reads, along with her passion for creating value-driven experiential programs, in her work with students in both the Co.Lab & X.Lab programs. Briar Rose studied Media, Culture & Communications at New York University and grew up on Long Island.

Paul Johnson

Learning Experience Designer

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson joins the Studio team with an extensive background in project management, design thinking and STEAM education. For the past three years, Paul worked with the Avenues New York campus as an after-school robotics, coding, and makerspace instructor, and coached the Junior and First Lego League competitive robotics teams. Before working in education, Paul spent a decade in China as a project manager, guiding engineering teams through every phase of product design, user feedback, production and quality control. In this role, he developed a passion for design thinking and coaching others to design their own learning process. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Finance from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management, and a German post-graduate Diplom Betriebswirt in International Business from Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University.